US Soldier’s Lost Dog Found After She Had Been Missing for Two Months

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Published: August 07, 2018
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Image via FOX31 News

David Powell had agreed to foster two Miniature Schnauzer puppies for an active US solider, Herman Haynie, while he was on his fifth tour in Iraq. However, while fostering the two dogs, one of them, Lola, slipped underneath his fence and escaped from the yard.

Powell tells FOX31, “Here’s somebody that put their dogs into my care, so that they could go off to Iraq for us, and I lost his dog.”

Powell went to great lengths to find the missing dog, from posting flyers all over the neighborhood to hiring a pet detective to follow the young dog’s scent trail. Alas, they were unable to locate Lola.

That was two months ago, but luckily, this past Saturday, August 4, Powell got a call with some very good news.

He got a call from Save This Life, a pet microchip company, explaining that Lola had been found and brought to a veterinarian office in Green Valley Ranch, which is over 15 miles from where Powell resides.

Powell has updated Lola’s owner, Haynie, and tells FOX31, “It was such a huge relief for him. Since she’s back, I’ve gone along the fence and if there’s any gaps, I’m digging down and shoving rocks under the fence to make sure there are no more gaps. I can’t go through that again. It’s just too heart-wrenching.”

This story is true testament to the value of pet microchips. Without one, Lola may have never found her way home.

Video via FOX31 News

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