Two-Legged Puppy Rescued After Being Left to Die in a Bag

PetMD Editorial
February 06, 2017
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Cupid is a weeks-old puppy who is missing his two front legs due to a birth defect. While this pup, like any other dog with special needs, deserved all the love and care in the world, his start to life was met with unspeakable cruelty. 

In late January, The Dog Rescuers Inc., a non-profit in Oakland, Ontario, received a call that a puppy had been found in a bag, discarded behind a dumpster. The rescuers quickly went to Cupid's aid and took him in for veterinary care. 

By nothing short of a miracle, Cupid only sustained minor issues. Vanessa Lupton, the Vice President of The Dog Rescuers Inc. tells petMD, "Cupid has been thoroughly checked over by a team of veterinarians, and other than being a bit dehydrated and having lower than normal protein at the time, he was healthy. Since he has been under veterinary care he has been given a clean bill of health." (There is currently an ongoing OSPCA investigation into Cupid's abuse.) 

Since his veterinary care and taking antibiotics to clear up a tail infection, Cupid has been thriving thanks to the help of those at the rescue organization. "Cupid is a spunky, silly, playful puppy. He has a fabulous personalty and loves to be around people," Lupton says. "He's quite the charmer and steals the heart of every person that he meets!" 

Cupid, who is currently in a caring foster home and "scoots" around on his back legs, is also being fitted for prosthetic legs, thanks to the assistance of the Toronto-based organization PawsAbility

While Cupid works on healing and becoming more mobile, Lupton says that outpouring of interest in his adoption has been overwhelming. "So many people have fallen in love with him and it's absolutely incredible to see how many people have rallied around him to show him the love and kindness that he was denied."

Image via The Dog Rescuers Inc.