Startup Offers Air-Conditioned Dog Houses Outside Places That Don’t Allow Dogs

PetMD Editorial
Published: August 15, 2018
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Image via DogSpot/Facebook

New York-based startup called DogSpot wants to offer climate-controlled huts for dogs outside of places where pets aren’t allowed.

These temporary, vet-approved dog houses provide a comfortable, cozy and clean area for dogs to relax in while their owners make quick stops while running errands.

Already, the company has installed 50 air conditioned dog houses in nine states. Several of these “sidewalk sanctuaries” were set up at 10 service centers along the New York State Thruway, allowing travelers to make worry-free pits stops with their pup in tow.

“We’re outside of places that don’t allow dogs, like grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, libraries pharmacies and rest areas,” DogSpot communications director Rebecca Eyre tells New York Upstate.

According to the DogSpot website, the houses come with additional features, including a Puppy Cam that can be accessed via the DogSpot App and a UV light that sanitizes and kills bacteria, viruses and mold after each use. The housing is also vet-approved and remotely monitored by their team at headquarters.

The inspiration for this project came from Brooklyn-based dog parent Chelsea Brownridge, who wanted to spend more time with her dog. She found she had to leave her Terrier mix rescue, Winston, home more often than she’d like just because she needed to go somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs. So she created DogSpot.

DogSpot’s goal is to create a safer and friendlier environment for dogs out in public, so pet parents can spend more time with their dog. If you want to bring these air conditioned dog houses to your area, you can send DogSpot a request to come to your city.

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