South Korea Shuts Down Largest Dog Meat Slaughterhouse

PetMD Editorial
Published: November 28, 2018
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Image via of Animal Rights on Earth / CARE

The Seongnam City Council closed Taepyeong, the largest dog slaughterhouse in South Korea, where hundreds of thousands of dogs were killed each year, according to Humane Society International.

According to the press release from HSI, the council plans to build a community park in its place.

Nara Kim, HSI/Korea’s dog meat campaigner, tells the outlet from the scene, “I shudder to think how many millions of beautiful dogs will have met their horrific fate at this place over the years. It was a stain on the city of Seongnam and we are so pleased to see it bulldozed. This really feels like a landmark moment in the demise of the dog meat industry in South Korea, and sends the clear message that the dog meat industry is increasingly unwelcome in Korean society.”

Taepyeong operates through six slaughterhouses on site; five will be bulldozed immediately and the sixth, currently vacated, will be taken down after permission is secured.

As a part of the initiative, the last permanent vendors selling live dogs at the Moran Market—the largest dog meat market in South Korea—will be shut down, although some pop-up dog meat stalls are still seen.

The release reports that dog meat consumption is declining rapidly in South Korea, particularly among younger generations.

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