Reporter Stops Live Stream to Save Therapy Dog From Flooding

PetMD Editorial
Published: September 19, 2018
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Image via Good Morning America/Twitter

Journalist Julie Wilson from ABC local station WTVD was reporting on Hurricane Florence on Friday when she interrupted the broadcast to save a therapy dog from the flooding.

Wilson was streaming over Facebook Live, reporting on how the people of New Bern, North Carolina, were affected, when she noticed a woman trying to save her Rottweiler.

The woman told Wilson that the dog was her daughter’s therapy dog, and it was absolutely necessary to save him, despite the looming danger of the storm. “I have no choice,” she told the reporter.

Wilson asked the woman if she could carry her dog. The woman agreed and held the reporter’s camera while Wilson hoisted and carried the Rottweiler to shallow waters.

“Nobody is leaving the dog in this mess,” Wilson says on the live stream, before she continued with the report. “That’s what we are doing out here.”

According to CBS News, Florence left 343,000 people without power in North Carolina, with towns seeing roughly 30 inches of rain since Thursday.

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