Rabbit Recovering After Being Shot in Head with Arrow

PetMD Editorial
Published: April 17, 2017
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After being shot in the head with an arrow, a rabbit in Charlotte, North Carolina, is thankfully recovering from his life-threatening injuries. 

According to local news affiliate WBTV, the hurt animal was brought to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue after concerned citizens saw the rabbit and promptly called animal control for help. 

After being assessed by the rescue group, the rabbit was brought to Monroe Road Animal Hospital for urgent care. Dr. Marty Davis, who aided in the treatment of the rabbit, told petMD that the rabbit's shocking injuries were "very extensive." "The injuries from the arrow were through and through in a horizontal plane the nasal sinuses right through the bone of the skull," he explained. "The procedure to remove it took about a half an hour."

"If the arrow had been a few inches up or down, it would have either been in the brain or the mouth, which obviously would be much more detrimental," Davis added.

Davis said that while the rabbit was in pain, he kept still throughout the entire ordeal, which was pivotal to his survival. "If the rabbit had been mishandled... that could've caused more harm." It makes sense, then, why the hospital staff has since given the animal a most apropos name: Miracle. 

Since the trauma, Miracle is recovering quite well, both emotionally and physically, Davis said. The rabbit, which was likely raised in the wild and has had minimal human contact, is adjusting well to his surroundings, happily hopping around and eating well, Davis described. Because of this progress, Miracle should be up for adoption in about a week's time. 

While this rabbit's story of survival is nothing short of amazing, Davis hopes that when concerned citizens—like the ones in Charlotte—see an animal in distress, they'll do the right thing. "I would recommend that if anyone in the general public finds an injured animal, that they call animal control, [who can] take it to any nearby animal hospital."

Image via Monroe Road Animal Hospital 

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