Puppy Freed From Car Tire After Getting Head Stuck

PetMD Editorial
Published: May 25, 2017
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Puppies are inherently curious creatures, and sometimes their desire to explore and get into everything can get them into trouble. 

Case in point: a Pit Bull puppy named Jade accidentally got her head stuck in the rim of a car tire when she playfully investigated the item. 

When Jade's parents realized the puppy couldn't free herself and they couldn't help her, they called 911 and various animal rescue groups. Eventually, the concerned pet owners wound up at the Philadelphia branch of the Blue Pearl Veterinary Speciality & Emergency Center. 

According to a press release from BluePearl, Jenny Davis, advanced veterinary technician at VSEC, said that the young pup was "bright and alert but she was extremely exhausted" upon arrival at their hospital. "She was just so worked up and anxious from being stuck in there,” Davis said in the statement.

Veterinary staff, including Dr. Arielle Camp, sedated Jade in order to keep her calm and doctors were able to slip the tire from around her head and neck. BluePearl team members also administered steroids to help with swelling, and within an hour the dog was "happy and wagging her tail again." 

While Jade's story has a happy ending, Camp said that pups getting stuck in things is not uncommon. She urges all pet parents to make sure their dogs are never unsupervised in an area where potentially dangerous objects are lying around. 

Image via BluePearl Veterinary Partners

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