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During an ordinary afternoon in mid-October, a Philadelphia resident discovered something rather out of the ordinary and quite sad.

According to, Justin Hanley found a Pit Bull mix puppy tied to his front stoop, left with nothing more than some half-eaten pizza slices in a plastic bag and a note that read, "Please take me home. I’m a girl named Diamond. We can no longer keep her in our home. Thank you.”

With that, Hanley took the "skittish, but sweet" puppy inside and posted to a local Facebook group to not only vent his frustration regarding the cruelty of what happened to the dog ("This is heartbreaking stuff," he wrote), but also to ask for help from his neighbors about how to handle this situation. 

It took almost no time for those in the group to band together and help. The puppy was taken to Philadelphia's Don't Bully Us Rescue, who announced via Facebook, "Thankfully the right people found this little girl, who we are naming Serenity." Serenity is currently in foster care. 

While the rescue, as well as Hanley and his kind-hearted neighbors were able to give her the help she needed, Gillian Kocher of the Pennsylvania SPCA suggested that anyone else who finds themselves in this sort of situation should call their local SPCA cruelty hotline. 

"Our officers are trained to investigate cases just like this, as well as bring the animal in need back to our shelter to receive medical treatment, if necessary," Kocher told petMD.

Anyone who cannot take care of their pet anymore (as was the case with Diamond's original owners) should go through the proper channels and never abandon an animal, Kocher urged. "Whether that means connecting them with resources to help the current situation, or to help them place the animal in a temporary living environment (like a shelter), organizations like the Pennsylvania SPCA can help." 

Image via Justin Hanley 

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