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Meet Emerald, or Emmie as she is also known, a resilient puppy who is getting a much-deserved second chance at life and love. 

On February 23, the 9-month-old Pit Bull was found on the streets of West Philadelphia suffering from horrific injuries. She was picked up by animal control authorities and was slated for euthanasia because her injuries were so severe.

According to a Facebook post from Outcast Rescue, the Pennsylvania shelter that rescued Emmie just in time, Emmie's abuser(s) "tied her mouth shut so tight and for so long that it caused a very deep open wound around her entire snout that it actually sliced her lips on the sides. The wounds are so deep the bone is exposed and the flesh is infected and necrotic." 

Thankfully, Outcast Rescue has made sure Emmie is getting the care she needs. The pup was immediately admitted to Crown Veterinary Specialists and Emergency in Lebanon, New Jersey where her wounds were dressed and her pain managed. 

Since being admitted to the vet, Emmie has undergone two surgeries to close the massive wounds inflicted upon her and repair the damages caused by the injuries (including a molar that had to be extracted). A YouCaring page and an Amazon wishlist have been set up by Outcast Rescue for those who want to donate to help pay for Emmie's medical costs.

Even after enduring such traumatic abuse, Emmie is a happy, strong and forgiving puppy. Outcast Rescue says on Facebook that "she is hands down the happiest dog we have ever brought into the rescue, handing out kisses and wiggles all over the vet!" 

Emmie is currently in foster care as she recovers and will eventually be available for adoption. Until then, Outcast Rescue is doing everything they can to help her and bring justice to her abusers. According to USA Today, "the Pennsylvania SPCA has been contacted to conduct a cruelty investigation" and the case is currently pending with the organization. 

Outcast Rescue is urging anyone with information about Emmie's abusers to contact them at

Image via Outcast Rescue 

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