Over 100 Animals Seized from Scotland's Largest Puppy Farm

PetMD Editorial
Published: November 20, 2017
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Puppy mills and farms are a worldwide problem, as evidenced by a recent raid that took place in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

On Nov. 14, the Scottish SPCA (SSPCA) executed a warrant at the East Mains of Ardlogie farm, which is believed to be the country's largest puppy mill. Over 100 animals were seized from the property, including nearly 90 dogs of various ages and breeds. (Other animals seized from the property included rabbits and ferrets.) 

An SSPCA officer told the BBC that the dogs at the mill were being used for illegal breeding, and that the farm did not have any licenses for breeding or pet sales.

In a statement released to petMD, the SSPCA said that "all of the animals are currently going through an intensive veterinary screening process to assess their overall health." 

Dr. Harry Haworth, who helped with the Scottish SPCA's rescue efforts, told the BBC, "All these environmental problems that we are picking up are going to cause unnecessary risk of disease and poor health, which is going to cause pain and suffering and death to some of these dogs." 

He continued, "There are all sorts of welfare rules being broken here. When you look at the puppies, they are not blooming, thriving puppies the way they should be, they look like puppy-farm puppies."

As of press time, criminal investigations into the farm were ongoing.


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