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The Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center—one of the last sites in the country still performing tests on dogs—is being investigated at the request of lawmakers.

The investigation is exploring whether the medical center for veterans performed taxpayer-funded animal testing without the approval by the former VA secretary, which is required by law.

According to Fox 8, a new shipment of dogs are expected to arrive at the facility for testing next week.

"It's 2019 and there has got to be a better way to conduct this type of research that doesn't involve experimentation on animals that causes significant pain and distress but that also helps our veterans the way our veterans deserve to be helped," Sharon Harvey, the CEO of the Cleveland Animal Protective League, tells the outlet.

According to Fox 8, the agency claims that they have developed devices that can restore effective breathing and coughing to veterans living with spinal cord injuries with the help of canine testing.

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