Starving Tripoli Zoo Animals Get Emergency Help

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Published: September 09, 2011
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SOFIA - Prospects for survival brightened on Friday for over 700 animals left to starve in Libya's Tripoli Zoo as the first team of animal doctors came to their rescue, their organization said.

An emergency team of the Vier Pfoten (Four Paws) animal welfare group was the first to arrive Friday at the zoo and found the animals "completely forgotten," Vier Pfoten said a statement issued by its office in Bulgaria.

"We conducted a thorough assessment of the animals' condition to determine their individual needs," Libya team chief, veterinarian Amir Khalil, was cited as saying.

"We will start today systematic medical cares and gradual feeding up of 32 of the predators and launch an urgent search of feed for the antelope," he added.

Over the coming weeks, Khalil and his team would work to provide "a stable inflow of provisions and medicines for the animals" and will also start training local staff how to cope with the dire situation.

"We need help and support to be able to take care of these victims of the war," Khalil appealed.

"They cannot run away or seek refuge in another country -- they are bound to their cages and their suffering is enormous," he added.

Vier Pfoten relies on voluntary donations to fund its projects.

Image: Mario Inoportuno / via Flickr

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