Home Depot Considers Banning Pet Dogs From Stores

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Updated: June 14, 2018
Published: April 19, 2011
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A dog attack at a Home Depot in Ottawa last week is causing the company to consider changing their policy on pet dogs.

Under the current policy dogs are allowed in Home Depot Stores as long as they are under their owner's control, but according to a company spokeswoman that soon may be limited to only service animals.

The dog attack occured when Anne Riel, a greeter at the Ottawa Home Depot, bent down to pat a customer's Shih Tzu while it was still in a shopping cart. According to Riel, the dog jumped out of the cart and bit the tip of her nose.

Riel rushed was rushed to the hospital where doctors stitched her skin together over the tip of her nose and reattached her left nostril.

The incident has since prompted a debate between dog owners who bring their animals everywhere with them and those who feel a dog's place is solely in the home or car.

Image: Joe Wolf / via Flickr

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