China Activists Confront Cat 'Killer': Report

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May 29, 2012
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SHANGHAI - A Shanghai woman accused of killing hundreds of cats will not face prosecution despite animal rights campaigners' efforts because China has no animal protection laws, state media said Friday.

A group of activists went to Zhou Ying's home on Wednesday evening after allegations that she had killed hundreds of cats were posted on the Internet alongside images of decapitated animals, the Global Times newspaper said.

A scuffle broke out after some gained entrance to the rented flat and police arrived to take the woman and the activists to a nearby station.

"When we entered the apartment, one of us found three headless cats in the kitchen trash bin. It was appalling," one told the Global Times.

All were released with warnings, but Zhou has permanently left her home following the incident, the Shanghai Daily reported.

"Those people violated my rights. I adopted the cats and I can raise them any way I want," she told the newspaper.

China drafted an animal protection law in 2009, but it has not been approved, the Global Times said.

A police officer in Shanghai's northern Zhabei district contacted by AFP on Friday confirmed the case but declined to give details.

Image: Chan Wing Tat / via Shutterstock

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