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More than a year after the city of Montreal decided to ban Pit Bulls and similar breeds, the controversial law has now been reversed. 

In September 2016, it became illegal for citizens of Montreal to adopt Pit Bulls or other "at-risk" dogs, including Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers. Pet parents who already owned the banned breeds would have to get permits and keep their dogs leashed and muzzled in public. 

As of Dec. 20, 2017, the breed ban—which was met with criticism from both dog owners and advocates—will be lifted. 

According to CTV News, councilman Craig Sauvé stated that all dogs should be looked at the same. Sophie Gallard of the Montreal SPCA, a prominent organization in the fight against the ban, told CTV, "We’re very happy to know that we’ll be able to place all our dogs into adoption." 

In a statement released to petMD, Montreal's Compassionate Animal Adoption Rescue said, "We are thrilled that the newly elected leadership in Montreal has decided to listen to the experts, to science when it comes to the ineffectiveness of breed specific legislation.

"We look forward to once again being able to help Pit Bull-looking dogs find forever homes, though we recognize that this will take time in light of their damaged reputation as a result of the former administration," the statement continued, adding that the ultimate goal is "to make our city a truly safer place for humans and dogs alike." 

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