Meet Cinderella, the Blind Senior Pug Given a Second Chance

PetMD Editorial
Published: January 09, 2018
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With a name like Cinderella, it’s only fitting that this darling senior pug gets nothing short of a fairytale ending.

Cinderella’s date with destiny began in September 2016, when dog lover Jessica Aliff came across the blind senior with diabetes in a Facebook group for pug rescuers.

Aliff, who already owned three dogs, recalls the sense of urgency she felt in wanting to give Cinderella a good home. “I knew I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't at least try to get her,” she told petMD.

After meeting with Cinderella’s foster family, Aliff adopted her and brought her home to meet her new pug siblings, Poncho, Nikki, and Ollie.

Though “life is a bit more hectic” with four dogs in the house, Aliff is able to give them all a happy, healthy, and familiar lifestyle while taking care of Cinderella’s specific needs. “I have to be on a much stricter feeding schedule because of [Cinderella’s] insulin needs, but I always tried to feed them at scheduled times,” she said.  

In addition to insulin, which she needs twice daily, Cinderella has to have her blood glucose levels tested and eats prescription foods from her veterinarian. (“Treats are limited, but she does get small treats when she gets her insulin and one each night before bed,” Aliff said.)

Even though Cinderella is blind (she had her eyes removed to relieve pain), she still has the energy and personality of any other pug.

“Cinderella does not act any differently than she was before surgery,” Aliff said. “She still charges around the house trying to keep up with me.”

While Cinderella does sometimes need assistance with getting up and down stairs, Aliff said she makes her way around the house, and through life, with determination.

“She is very feisty and persistent,” Aliff said of Cinderella. “If one of our other dogs starts roughhousing, she gets right into the action. She has no idea she's the smallest of the bunch!”

Cinderella has changed Aliff’s life in ways big and small over the past year, and she hopes her story inspires others to give senior dogs, especially those with special needs, a chance to thrive.

There may be financial obstacles along the way, and you have to surround yourself with a good support team, but taking care of a dog like Cinderella is worth it, Aliff noted. “You may have to give a little more TLC,” she said, but these grateful, wise, and caring dogs will give it all back and then some.