Las Vegas Rescue Organization Fixes 35,000th Feral Cat

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PetMD Editorial
Published: December 03, 2018

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The cat-loving community of Las Vegas hit a huge milestone this past Sunday, Dec. 2. The Community Cat Coalition of Clark County, also known as C5, fixed their 35,000th feral cat.

Keith Williams, president and director of C5, tells, “It’s an amazing feeling.” He continues, “We started out in 2009, a small handful of people sitting around our living room saying wouldn't it be great if we could really make a difference here.”

Since then, they have amassed a group of around 50 volunteers who trap the city’s feral cats in order to provide them with veterinary care. The cats are also fixed (spayed/neutered) to get the stray cat population under control.

While reports that experts estimate there are approximately 200,000 feral cats within the city, C5 has been working tirelessly to help combat the growing population. And with 35,000 cats helped, they are really making a difference.

They even posted a picture on their Facebook of the 35,000th kitty, a beautiful calico.

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