Kitten Miraculously Survives 13-Story Fall, Avoids Becoming Victim of "High-Rise Syndrome"

PetMD Editorial
Published: February 16, 2016
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That sweet little orange face you see pictured above is not only one of resilience, but one of a survivor. Brennan is an amazing kitten who survived a terrifying 13-story fall, when he accidentally found himself on the wrong side of the window of the 17th floor apartment where he and his owner reside in Eden Prarie, Minn. (The cat fell to a 4th floor landing while his owner was briefly away.) 

After Brennan's heartbroken owner found him, he rushed him to an emergency veterinarian who sent him to BluePearl Veterinary Partners. Under the care and guidance of Dr. Andrew H. Jackson, DVM, the fierce feline underwent surgery to repair the broken shoulder and dislocated hip he suffered in the accident. 

Dr. Jackson tells petMD that since the operations (which, combined, took roughly 90 minutes), Brennan is "doing well and [has] no particular concerns at this time." While Brennan could face long-term issues like elbow arthritis or gait abnormalities due to the hip procedure, Dr. Jackson assures that most cats do well in these circumstances and "with the repair of this fracture I am fairly confident that this [recovery] will probably be minimal."

While Brennan was a model patient—Dr. Jackson tells petMD that "Brennan was a joy ... he was a cute, young, really affectionate cat"—hopefully he will also serve as a reminder to pet parents who live in apartment buildings to take extra precautions in order to avoid "high-rise syndrome."

Dr. Jackson suggests that pet parents who live in high rises facilities should "secure screens with guards, do not leave a pet unattended on a balcony, keep patio furniture away from railings, close windows when leaving, close windows prior to playing or throwing toys, and do not let pets on the fire escape." 

Image: BluePearl Veterinary Partners