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Image via Facebook/Humane Indiana

Humane Indiana, an emergency placement partner for Humane Society United States, in conjunction with Humane Society International, welcomed five dogs who were rescued from a South Korean dog-meat farm in Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do.

The five dogs, all young Jindo-mixes, arrived at the Gary/Chicago International Airport on July 12. From there, the pups were safely transported to Humane Indiana in Munster.

Jessica Petalas-Hernandez of Humane Indiana tells NWI Times that this was the first time their organization received an international rescue. “The majority of our rescues are from the U.S,” she says. She continues, “It was definitely the first dog-meat farm rescue.”

Petalas-Hernandez tells the outlet that the puppies were never socialized during their development, so they never had positive interactions with people. “They were all pretty shut down when they got to us,” she says.

There were 50 dogs in total that were rescued from the South Korean farm in June. The owner shut down his dog-meat farm and now plans to transition his operations to farming water parsley, according to the outlet.

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