Hurricane Harvey: Animal Rescue Efforts Underway in Texas

PetMD Editorial
Published: August 29, 2017
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Hurricane Harvey has devastated large areas of Texas due to massive flooding, which has displaced thousands from their homes. Among those in the path of destruction are countless animals, including house pets who have been separated from their owners. 

While rescue efforts are a huge undertaking following this historic Category 4 hurricane, now a tropical storm, there is hope for cats, dogs, and everything in between. 

In a statement released to petMD, the Houston SPCA reported seeing "scores of abandoned, orphaned, and injured animals" as volunteers and members are working around the clock, doing everything from riding in the animal rescue ambulance to assisting animals who need feedings and care. 

The Houston SPCA also noted that it is "working very closely with the Texas Animal Health Commission and local government and law enforcement as we prepare for animal water rescues, transfers, and reuniting pets with owners." 

Help has been coming from far and wide in Texas for animals in distress. In Austin, the rescue organization Austin Pets Alive! has transported hundreds of animals from Houston to its facility to give them shelter and care.

As the storm continues, the nonprofit said it expects even more animals to arrive in the coming days and weeks. Austin Pets Alive! is helping displaced and homeless pets find foster parents until they are adopted, as well. 

Wings of Rescue, which flies at-risk animals throughout the United States and Canada, posted on Facebook that, along with the help of, they are transporting hundreds of dogs out of flood-ravaged Texas and Louisiana. 

And the Humane Society reported it has transported 200 animals from San Antonio alone since the storm's beginning.

In addition to outstanding efforts from organizations like these, there are countless Good Samaritans (including a group of rescuers who saved 21 dogs) doing their part to help these animals in need get to a safe, warm place. 

To help those helping the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey, you can visit these sites to make a donation: 

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