Humpty Gets Put Back Together Again: Spirit Fund Helps Fix Tortoise’s Broken Shell

PetMD Editorial
Published: May 14, 2018
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Back in April, an African spurred tortoise was found with a broken shell in San Diego. According to County News Center, a Good Samaritan found and reported the injured tortoise after seeing the tortoise being chased by a dog, causing it to fall from a 10-foot wall.

When the tortoise fell, he landed on his back broke his shell in three places. County Animal Services of San Diego arrived on the scene and transported the tortoise to a veterinarian that specializes in reptiles.  

Once at the veterinarian’s office, County Animal Services learned that the tortoise is a male African spurred tortoise who is 35 to 40 years old and weighs 90 pounds. They also found out that it would cost several thousand dollars to repair the shell. Lucky for this tortoise, whom they have now named Humpty, his medical care costs were covered by the county’s Spirit Fund.

County News Center reports, “We have a donor-driven Spirit Fund that we can use for severe medical cases such as this one,” said County Animal Services Director Dan DeSousa. “This tortoise will get the extensive, aggressive care and long-term observation that he needs to regain his health and hopefully live to a great, old age.”

To fix Humpty the tortoise’s shell, the veterinarian used screws, wire, epoxy and plastic wrap to pull the shell back together and hold it in place, reports the County News Center.

Humpty’s recovery period will be long, but he is receiving the best care, with frequent checkups to ensure he is making the necessary progress. And after his latest checkup, he has been cleared for more outdoor time. So while he waits for his rescue to find him the perfect new residence, he gets to spend his days basking in the California sunshine.

Humpty the African spurred tortoise now has a bright and shiny future to look forward to for many, many years to come!

Image via Facebook: County of San Diego