Abandoned Kitten Has Tight Collar Surgically Removed from Neck

PetMD Editorial
Published: November 07, 2017
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A small kitten was rescued from the streets and brought into Boston's MSPCA-Angell shelter on Nov. 1 with a gruesome injury: the collar around her neck was so tight that it had embedded into her neck and her skin was growing around it. 

According to the MSPCA, Dr. Cynthia Cox, director of shelter medicine for the MSPCA, examined the kitty named Nickie, and said that this injury, sadly, is not uncommon. However, she added that Nickie's case was a "very serious" one that needed urgent attention. Among other problems, the collar was so tight that it made eating difficult for the tiny kitten. 

Cox operated on Nickie the day after her arrival, to free her from the pain and injuries from the collar. In addition to the successful procedure, the kitty was also spayed so that she would be even more readily available for adoption after healing. 

While Nickie's surgery was not an easy one to ensure, the cat is expected to make a full recovery. "She’s a trooper and in time her fur will grow back and this will be a distant memory for her," stated adoption center manager Alyssa Krieger. "And now our focus turns to finding her a wonderful new home." 

A loving home is exactly what Nickie deserves after her horrific ordeal. Krieger said that while no one has claimed Nickie (who was not microchipped), whoever did this heinous act faces serious consequences. 

"It’s inexcusable for any animal to suffer so unnecessarily, and if an owner could be identified, that person could be facing felony animal cruelty charges," Krieger said. 

If you are interested in adopting Nickie when she is fully recovered, you can visit the shelter or email the MSPCA

Image via MSPCA-Angell 

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