Helping Pets in Oklahoma

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Published: May 28, 2013
Helping Pets in Oklahoma

As Moore, Oklahoma remembers the victims of a devastating tornado, those left behind are rallying to recover.

Animal welfare organizations are taking in homeless pets, treating their injuries, and caring for them until they can be claimed. But the work doesn’t stop there for a community reduced to rubble.

The need for shelter and supplies is going to remain critical in the coming months, as families already stretched to their limits struggle to put their lives in order.

While organizations like the Red Cross focus on helping the humans, members of the pet industry have stepped up to do the same for animals.    

Reuniting Oklahoma Pets and Families: The Bella Foundation

Those who have lost or found pets in the tornado’s wake are eager to share what they know, so numerous websites and Facebook pages have popped up over the last week. However, Emily Garman, a board member of the Oklahoma animal welfare organization, the Bella Foundation, has created a centralized website for tracking information on lost pets, according to The Examiner.

That page is

And two of the main Oklahoma lost pet Facebook pages are:

Moore Oklahoma Tornado Pets Lost & Found (Facebook)

Moore Oklahoma Tornado Lost and Found Animals (Facebook) 

Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s Disaster Relief Network Sends Food and Supplies

Hill’s Pet Nutrition activated its new Disaster Relief Network within two hours of the tornado.

Animal clinics and hospitals affiliated with the network in Edmond, Shawnee and Oklahoma City, OK, sprang into action while thousands of pounds of dog and cat food were shipped to the area from Hill’s.

“Through the Hill’s Disaster Relief Network, we started receiving needed food donations from the company within 24 hours to help these families and pets as they struggle to recover from this disaster,” said Gina Gardner, President, Humane Society of Tulsa.

Hill’s is now sending pet food and feeding bowls to organized community relief centers and local animal to be distributed free to local pet owners.

“As a mission company dedicated to enriching and lengthening the relationship and special bond between people and pets, we are acutely aware of the impact that disasters like this have on all family members - both humans and animals,” said Hill’s US President Kostas Kontopanos. “That’s why we are dedicated to doing what we can to ensure that affected cats and dogs can be properly fed and cared for as the community copes with this tragedy.”

Hill’s is encouraging those who would like to help to donate to the Humane Society in Tulsa.

Check for updates at Hill's Facebook page.  

BlogPaws, WorldVets and AAHA Team Up

BlogPaws, the social media community for pet bloggers, activated it’s Blogger Disaster Response Network following the tornado.

Participating bloggers used their influence online to spread the word about major way to help: making donations to World Vets, who will deliver supplies to vets caring for animals in and around Moore.

BlogPaws has pledged to match donations up to $1,000, while Pet360 and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) will also give World Vets Cash donations.

Donate to World Vets by clicking the DONATE button below. 

Team Up For Oklahoma

Learn more about the Blogger Disaster Response Network

Image via the McClain County Animal Response Team.

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