Frogs and Toads Are Falling on Heads Amidst a Population Boom in North Carolina

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Published: October 12, 2018
Frogs and Toads Are Falling on Heads Amidst a Population Boom in North Carolina

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Tens of thousands of frogs and toads are now living near North Carolina’s coast, partly as a result of an especially rainy summer. While some are claiming that the explosion of frogs and toads is due to flooding brought on by hurricane Florence, experts say this is partially true yet not entirely accurate.

State biologist Jeff Hall tells The Charlotte Observer that there is a convergence of two types of frog and toad population explosions along the coast, which is causing a sudden increase in frogs and toads in the area. 

One of the population explosions was a result of the heavy rains that normally fall in June and July, while the other was caused by puddles from Hurricane Florence.

Biologist Jeff Hall tells The Outer Banks Voice that tree frogs breed in ditches, puddles or any bit of water they can find. When there’s a significant rain event, it’s not unusual to see tiny frogs a month or two later.

“I had one jump on my face laying in bed,” a Manteo resident tells the outlet. “And I had another in the kitchen on the cutting board. [They’re] everywhere!”

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