Family Warns Small Dog Owners of Hawks After Yorkie Was Snatched

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Published: February 20, 2019
Family Warns Small Dog Owners of Hawks After Yorkie Was Snatched

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Dog owner Cecilia Celis is warning pet parents of the threat of hawks after her 2-pound Yorkie, Lulu, was snatched by a large bird outside their home in Nevada.

"We just hear them barking and crying," Celis tells ABC 13. "So we are like, 'Oh, they're just play fighting.' And a second later I just look outside. We see a huge the wing, like, fly up. So I run up and I yell at the bird, I'm like, 'Get off my dog! Get off!'"

Celis fought for her dog’s life. The outlet reports that Celis grabbed a pillow, and according to the outlet, “The bird finally let go after three hits.”

The family’s surveillance camera caught the whole thing on tape.

Video via ABC 13

Immediately after the incident, Celis brought Lulu to the veterinarian--who confirmed that Lulu was not injured.

“I thought she was going to die or something because that’s a big bird compared to her,” Celis tells the outlet. “We were lucky.”

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