Dog Rescued from Apartment Fire by Atlanta Police Officers

PetMD Editorial
Published: January 25, 2018
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On Jan. 22, Atlanta police officers responded to the call of a fire at an apartment building, where they found a dog, unconscious, on the porch of the blazing complex. 

Quick-thinking officers carried the dog away from the fire to a safe place, all of which was captured on bodycam footage. Once they were away from the building, officers gave the dog oxygen and one even wrapped him in her coat to keep him warm on the cold January evening. 

The dog was miraculously resuscitated, receiving lots of encouraging pats and pets from the officers who saved his life. The City of Atlanta Police Department commended officers for their work in helping the dog, who has since been named Smokey. "We are so incredibly proud of the compassion and love our officers showed for this animal, thank you," the department wrote on its Facebook page. "We also thank the firefighters with Atlanta Fire Rescue and Grady Hospital's emergency responders."

After coming to, Smokey was taken to Fulton County Animal Services for shelter and veterinary care. Since he was not claimed by any owner, Smokey has since been put up for adoption. Tricia Burton, a representative for Fulton County Animal Services, told petMD that the response for Smokey has been overwhelming. "We are so excited to see how many people have offered to open their homes and their hearts to this special pup," she said. 

Smokey, who is estimated to be around 3 years old, is a playful dog who likes to be around people. Burton noted that while Smokey has tested positive for heartworm and will require treatment, the shelter will provide that for free to whoever adopts him. 

The shelter is currently taking applications for Smokey, and Burton said they hope to find the perfect match for this happy-go-lucky and resilient dog soon. 

Image via City of Atlanta Police Department Facebook 

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