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On Monday, October 1, Governor John Carney of Delaware signed a landmark bill into law that would give stray cats the same protection under animal cruelty laws as domestic cats.

The bill was a collaborative effort between Best Friends Animal Society, Brandywine Valley SPCA, Faithful Friends Animal Society, Delaware Humane Association, Forgotten Cats of Delaware, the Office of Animal Welfare, the veterinary community, the wildlife community and the public.

This bill will provide more support for humane stray cat population management.

Delaware Online explains, “It allows shelters to house strays beyond the typical stray hold timeline, supports a sterilization and vaccination program for the animals and ensures that animal cruelty laws are applied equally to cats without a home or owner.”

This is a giant step forward for Delaware in their efforts to care and manage the stray cat populations within the state.

Video via Delaware Online

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