Cat Rescued From Dryer Vent Survives Despite Major Injuries

PetMD Editorial
Published: March 08, 2018
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Cats and washer/dryers can be a deadly combination, but for one very lucky feline in Wisconsin, it was merely a brush with fate. 

On February 13, a 1-year-old cat was brought into the Wisconsin Humane Society's Okauzee campus with major injuries after being found in a dryer vent at a residence.

According to a statement from the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS), the kitty, who was saved and brought to the facility by a Good Samaritan, suffered "deep wounds to her head, ears and leg, likely trying to escape. She also suffered burns to her face and ears." 

The cat—who has since been aptly named Maytag—was immediately given pain medication by the veterinary staff and was treated for her wounds. Since she arrived at the humane society, Maytag has been under close observation and has been an ideal patient, according to staff.

"She purrs the minute you touch her," said Angela Speed, vice president of communications at WHS. "She doesn’t even mind having her bandages changed, and our staff and volunteers adore her. I’m so glad we’re able to save her – she was in tremendous pain when she first arrived."

No one has claimed Maytag as their own (and there was no suspicion of animal cruelty, as it appears the curious feline simply just wandered into the wrong place), and the organization expects her to be available for adoption by the middle of the month. WHS has also set up a donation page to help fund Maytags continued medical care.

While Maytag is extremely lucky to have survived her ordeal, she serves as a reminder for all pet parents and animal lovers to check their dryer vents.

"We do occasionally see wild animals caught in dryer vents, seeking the warmth of a home, but it’s highly unusual to learn of a cat crawling in," Speed says. "It’s a great reminder to check your dryer vent on the exterior of the house – it should have a flap to prevent such intruders, not only for your family’s safety, but for the animal, as well." 

Image via Wisconsin Humane Society Facebook 

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