Study: Nearly Half of All Pet Parents Don't Have Car Safety Gear for Their Dogs

PetMD Editorial
April 03, 2018
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When it comes to traveling in a car with your dog, safety should be paramount for you both. However, a recent study from Volvo Car USA found some surprising statistics. 

According to the report (which worked in conjuncture with Harris Poll), an estimated 97 percent of dog owners drive with their pet in the car, but only 48 percent have safety gear for their four-legged companion. 

Other shocking finds included that 41 percent of pet parents let their dog ride in the front seat (front seat air bags are not designed to protect dogs), and only 23 percent buckle their canine in to standard seatbelts (unsercured dogs can be a harm to themselves and the driver). The most distressing number in the report, however, is that a mere five percent of drivers have a built-in safety pet system in their automobile. 

So what does this all mean for pet parents who still want to take their dogs in the car with them? Well, that there is definitely a need for better safety measures for pets in cars.

The study also found that 71 percent of pet owners agree that vehicle manufacturers should proactively build more dog safety features into their vehicles, while 24 percent of all pet parents refuse to travel with their pet in the car because they fear the ride will not be safe enough for them. 

"Our survey showed that pet parents want to travel with their furry friends, but worry about safety,” says Jim Nichols, product and technology communications manager for Volvo Car USA. 

Even if you don't have a car with a built-in safety feature for pets, you can be a responsible driver and pet parent by properly harnessing your dog in the car as well as using safety items, such as carriers and dog booster seats, every time you drive with your dog. 

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