California Family Returns After Camp Fire to Find Dog Guarding Neighbor’s Home

PetMD Editorial
Published: November 21, 2018
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Image via Facebook/The Updater

The Copsey family evacuated their home in Northern California to escape the deadly Camp Fire and returned two days later to find their home destroyed. They also found something they didn’t expect--their Border Collie, Ella, was guarding their neighbor’s home.

“She was protecting it,” Leahna Copsey, the dog’s owner, tells the NY Post. “She was protecting the only house left on the block.”

When the Copsey family returned to find Ella, her paws were burned and she was exhausted, according to the outlet.

The family was forced to flee the when the fire tore through their neighborhood. They were unable to locate Ella and “hoped for the best,” the outlet reports.

“She’s a really good dog,” Copsey’s daughter Clarisa tells Visalia Times Delta. “So I was really relieved she was alive and it was only minor burns.”

It is strongly encouraged to never leave your pets behind in a disaster. For tips on emergency preparedness for fires, check out these natural disaster planning tips for pets.

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