61 Cats and Dogs Seized from Small, 'Filthy' House in Animal Cruelty Case

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Published: March 01, 2018
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Sixty one dogs and cats were saved by authorities in Auburn, Massachusetts this week after spending ther lives living in unspeakably cruel conditions. 

According to the Auburn Police Department, the animals were seized from a small home in which its owners had received 11 prior complaints from the Board of Health, spanning all the way back to 1993. 

On February 28, a search warrant was obtained to investigate the property and 61 cats and dogs (including litters of kittens and puppies) were discovered living in "filthy, unsanitary conditions," that included the smell of amonia and pet waste. Some of the cats in the household, according to the Boston Globe, were "cooped up in makeshift wire pens." 

Detective Sergeant Scott Mills told the Globe that "there were reports that the animals were suffering from diseases or parasitic infections that are obtained from being exposed to animal feces."

Officials received these complaints when animals purchased from the property were discovered to be sick by their new owners (another reminder to do your homework if you choose to buy from a breeder). 

54 of the animals were taken by the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL), where they are being evaluated for medical care to treat, among their issues, respiratory infections, flea infestations, urine stained and matted fur, and dental disease. 

Since the news of the rescue efforts broke, the organization wrote on their Facebook page that they have been flooded questions about the health of the animals and when they will be available for adoption. 

"Overall the temperament of the animals is positive, most are friendly and eager for human affection," says Michael DeFina, communications and media relations officer for the organization. "ARL will continue to care for these animals as long as necessary, however at this time it’s important to note that they are note available for adoption and if people are looking for a way to help these animals in need, monetary donations to offset the cost of their care are greatly appreciated." 

Since the property was seized, the residence was deemed to be unfit for human habitation and Auburn police have charged the owners with animal cruelty and operating a kennel without a license. 

Image via Auburn Police Department Facebook 

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