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In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, one mother came home to the ultimate surprise. Her 17-year-old son had gone to a one-day reptile show in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, and had purchased a 4-foot-long alligator.

According to Lancaster Online, Jesse Rothacker of Lilitz-based Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary got a call from the enraged mother, who asked if the sanctuary could take the alligator. She could not believe that someone had sold her child an alligator. 

Rothacker posted about the incident on the Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary Facebook.

In the post he explains that the 17-year-old was able to purchase the alligator without hassle just by handing over $150 in cash. Since it was a one-day reptile show, the vendor disappeared without a trace, and now the alligator is left without a home.

Rothacker tells Lancaster Online, “I’m beyond frustrated.” He continues, “Will somebody please do something to stop pet alligators that are being sold to children in Pennsylvania? This is ridiculous.”

He goes on to explain that the sale of alligators is still legal in Pennsylvania, and that state legislators have just failed to create adequate laws to deal with the reptile trade. Without it or any type of real regulation, we will most likely continue to hear about situations like this, which leave sanctuaries to deal with the consequences of “pet” alligators in Pennsylvania suburbs.

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