South Korea Court Rules That Killing Dogs for Meat Is Illegal

A South Korean court has made a landmark decision that deals a serious blow to the dog meat industry.



By Kendall Curley    Jun 22, 2018

Elementary Students Help Make Tiny Bog Turtle the State Reptile of New Jersey

While we have all heard about the various state animals within the US, it can actually get way more specific than just one animal. Many states have a variety of animal mascots, from...

By Kendall Curley    Jun 21, 2018

Zoos Use Animal Acupuncture to Help Penguins Feel Their Best

There are a lot of things we will do for the animals we care about, and that doesn’t end with just pet owners. Zoos are also taking extra steps to ensure that the animals they...

By Kendall Curley    Jun 20, 2018

Cat Lovers Unite for a Very Unique Cat Art Show

From June 14-24, 2018, there is an art show in Los Angeles that is dedicated solely to celebrating cat art.


For those thinking that the cat artwork might...

By Kendall Curley    Jun 19, 2018

3 Top Cat and Dog Health Issues

By JoAnna Pendergrass, DVM


Taking care of our pets, especially their health, is an important part of responsible...

By PetMD Editorial    Jun 18, 2018