Land O' Lakes Expands Animal Food Recall

PetMD Editorial
Published: July 27, 2012
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In addition to previous recalls of some of their animal food products, Land O’Lakes and its partner PMI International has issued an expanded recall as the result of elevated vitamin D levels found in some foods. There have been reports of animal illnesses and deaths as a result of the contaminated foods.

Aquamax feed, additional lots of Mazuri feed, and LabDiet are now included with the other recalled products. A Purina Feed product has also been included in the expanded recall.

The LabDiet and Mazuri food products were distributed nationwide and outside of the U.S.; to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Mexico, Uruguay, and Chile.

Customers who have bought these products are being advised to stop feeding the product to their animals immediately, and to either discard the product safely or return it to the point of purchase for a refund.

For the complete listings of the recalled products with their formula, item, name, and lot numbers, please go to the following pages:

For more information, call PMI’s customer service line at 855-863-0421, extension 224.