Kitchen Accident Results in Food Shortage at Champion Pet Foods

PetMD Editorial
Published: September 25, 2012
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A malfunction in one of the main ovens at Canada based Champion Pet Foods has led the company to reduce the amount of dog and cat foods they will be producing. Affected foods are in the Orijen and Acana cat and dog food lines.

The malfunction, which occurred in the early morning hours of September 8th, caused irreparable damage to the oven.  In a press release announcing the 40 percent cut-back in production, the company stated that in accordance with their mission to produce their own foods on site, as opposed to outsourcing the production of foods in the interim, they will be temporarily discontinuing some sizes and formulas of dog and cats foods and lessen the quantity of some others until the necessary replacement of the inoperable oven has completed.

While they will be making reasonable efforts to supply as much of their products as possible to retailers, customers who have come to rely on finding their products easily may find that they will have to wait until production is back up to par.

The foods that are being placed under limited production are:

  • Adult Dog
  • 6 Fish Dog
  • Regional Red (dog)
  • Cat & Kitten
  • Wild Prairie Dog
  • Pacifica Dog
  • Grasslands Dog
  • Ranchlands (dog)
  • Chicken & Burbank (dog)
  • Lamb & Apple (dog)

This is not the first time Champion has been forced to limit production of their products. In January 2011, the company announced shortages due to unavailability of "fresh regional ingredients," their stance against outsourcing, and their opposition to substituting with "inferior ingredients."