Kaytee Hand Feeding Formula Bird Feed Recalled

PetMD Editorial
Published: April 11, 2012
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Central Garden & Pet brand Kaytee has recalled two of its products due to high levels of vitamin D -- Kaytee exact Hand Feeding Formula Baby Birds and Kaytee exact Hand Feeding Formula Baby Macaw.

These two products are primarily used by bird breeders for feeding baby birds, which run the risk of kidney failure due to the of vitamin D detected in the products. The elevated amount of vitamin D was unintentionally added in an isolated mixing batch during the manufacturing process.

The recalled lots are as follows:

The recalled products listed above were manufactured within a specific range of dates. Products manufactured before and after these dates have been tested and deemed safe to feed to baby birds. Consumers who buy from Kaytee are advised to check the “Best Before Code” to determine if the product they have purchased is affected by this recall.

All distributors of Kaytee exact Hand Feeding Formula Baby Birds and Baby Macaw have been notified and asked to reach out to retail customers, as well as remove the product from shelves.

No other Kaytee bird food products were affected in this incident. Customers may call Kaytee at 1-800-529-8331 or email them at [email protected] for additional information to receive reimbursement for their purchase.