Merit Bird Company, LLC Recalls Select Vitae Products

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April 22, 2013
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Merit Bird Company, LLC of Chatsworth, California has issued a voluntary recall for select varieties of Vitae bird food products due to possible Salmonella contamination.

The following items are included in the recall:

  • Vitae Cockatiel with Sunflower 2lbs, (#2840081)
  • Vitae Cockatiel with Sunflower 4lbs, (#2840090)
  • Vitae Small Hookbill 4lbs, (#2840225), Vitae Small Hookbill 20lbs, (#2840234)
  • ¬†Vitae Hookbill with Sunflower 4lbs, (#2840252)
  • Vitae Large Hookbill 4lbs, (#2840279)

The recalled products were shipped between May 2012 and February 2013 and are sealed in a plastic bag or a white bulk bag for the 20# size.

According to a FDA press release, routine testing performed by Specialty Commodities revealed a positive test result for Salmonella in select Vitae bird food products. Previously, Specialty Commodities recalled parsley due to Salmonella health risk. The company has ceased production and distribution of the recalled products as the FDA investigates to find the source of the problem.

If you or your pet had contact with the recalled product, you are advised to watch for symptoms that may develop. Common symptoms associated with Salmonella poisoning include diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain. If you, your pet, or a family member experiences these symptoms, contact a medical professional immediately.

At the time of this release, there have been no reports of illness associated with this recall.

If you purchased the recalled products, please return them immediately to the place of purchase or to Merit Bird Company for a full refund.

For additional information, please contact Merit Bird Company at 1-818-727-1655, Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM, Pacific Standard Time.

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