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Bimeda Inc. has issued a voluntary recall on behalf of the manufacturer Bimeda-MTC Animal Health Inc. for three lots of injectable fluids due to concerns regarding sterility and possible health risk.

The following injectable fluids have been included in this recall:

Calcium Glucium  
Product Number: 1CAL028
Lot Number: 2J029A
Label: Bimeda
Shipment Date: 11/01/12
Quantity: 20,064
Expiry Date: 09/14

Dextrose 50%
Product Number: 1DEX005
Lot Number: 2J028
Label: Bimeda
Shipment Date: 10/26/12
Quantity: 6702
Expiry Date: 09/15

Hypertonic Saline
Product Number: 1HYP009
Lot Number: 2J041
Label: MWI
Shipment Date: 11/01/12
Quantity: 8975
Expiry Date: 09/14

All of the products listed above were distributed nationwide to veterinary product wholesalers and retailers.

According to FDA press release, Bimeda Inc., on behalf of manufacturer Bimeda-MTC Animal Health Inc., is arranging for return of all recalled products.

If you are a user, distributor or retailer with the above recall products you are urged to discontinue use immediately and return products to place of purchase.

If you are a customer, please contact your veterinarian if your pets have experienced any problems related to the use of the recall products.

For questions or concerns, please contact Bimeda Inc. at 888-524-6332, Option or extension #2, Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time.

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