Cystitis in Horses

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Treatment varies on a case by case basis when it comes to cystitis and according to the cause. Since the condition may be caused by more than one thing, the underlying cause must be resolved before the cystitis can be cured. This means that if the bladder inflammation is due to an underlying vaginal infection, the vaginal infection must be treated before the cystitis will go away without recurrence.


Once the primary cause of the cystitis has been removed, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to treat the cystitis itself and relieve the horse of the symptoms. Some horses will repeatedly succumb to bladder infections. For these animals, a long course of antibiotics (for four to six weeks) may be warranted.


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In many cases, cystitis is an issue that sneaks up on the horse and owner. Fortunately, it is relatively rare and in most cases can be treated once it has been properly diagnosed by an equine veterinary professional.