Cysts (Epidermoid) in Horses

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If the cyst is on the surface of the skin and does not extend deeply into the tissues, it can be removed surgically. Draining the cyst may reduce its size and perhaps reduce pain as pressure within the cyst is released, however, draining the cyst will not cure it. This is because all cysts are contained in a shell and this shell stimulates the production of the contents of the cyst. Unless the entire shell of the cyst is removed, it will not go away. Additionally, if the cyst is not drained in a clean manner, this action may lead to infection of the cyst.


Living and Management


After the cyst has been surgically removed by your veterinarian, your horse should be allowed some time to rest. If your veterinarian prescribes any medication, be sure to administer it in exactly the way your veterinarian has advised in order to promote full healing and prevent infection.




There is no prevention against the development of cysts in horses as they are either present at birth (congenital) or arise from a biological process within the body.