Undescended Testicles in Horses



There is only one method of treatment for cryptorchidism in horses — surgical removal of both testes. This is to prevent the trait from being passed on to offspring. In cases where the undescended testicle is low in the abdomen, the castration can be performed on the farm and is generally uncomplicated. If both testicles have been retained and are high in the abdomen, your horse may require more complicated surgery and will be referred to an equine surgical facility.



Living and Management


The gelding is going to need rest and isolation post-surgery. Surgery, however minor, is painful and uncomfortable. Your veterinarian will advise you on precautions and after surgery procedures you will need to care for your horse as it recovers.


You will need to especially watch out for excessive swelling or inflammation at the surgical site, and for any abnormal behavior from your horse that would indicate that there is an infection so that your veterinarian can be called immediately for consultation.




Most horses with this condition are sterile, but this cannot be taken for granted. If your horse is a cryptorchid, both of the testes will need to be removed entirely since the condition is believed to be inheritable.