Diarrhea in Horses

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Treatment for cases of diarrhea varies and depends on the underlying cause for the affliction. Typically for acute diarrhea, the horse will undergo electrolyte therapy, thereby re-hydrating the animal and restoring the fluids lost because of diarrhea. For parasitic diarrhea, a de-worming agent (anthelmintic) will get rid of the parasites. Bacterial causes for diarrhea can be difficult to treat, as are inflammatory bowel cases.

Certain types of chronic diarrheas can only be managed and not cured and severely acute cases of diarrhea can greatly debilitate a horse very quickly. Fortunately, such severe causes of equine diarrhea are not very common and the occasional cases of diarrhea caused by stress or a change in diet often cure themselves.

Living and Management

Diarrhea can often be a simple thing to cure. It is, however, important to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of diarrhea in your horse in order to seek treatment before it, or the more serious disease causing it, becomes severe.

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