Anemia in Horses



Treatment will ultimately depend on the underlying cause of the anemia. In the case of acute hemorrhage, the source of the blood loss must be stopped. This may require surgical intervention and is usually an emergency situation.  After the source of blood loss is identified and hopefully corrected, the horse will likely be placed on IV fluids. These fluids will help bolster the circulatory system until the bone marrow is able to produce more red blood cells. For chronic anemia, management of the cause, if possible, is the best way to help the horse.


Living and Management


In all cases of acute anemia, strict rest is required. The length of the rest period will be dictated by how much blood the horse has lost. For chronic anemia, the veterinarian may prescribe a dietary supplement of iron and other vitamins such as B12. 




After any invasive surgical procedure, the horse should be allowed plenty of rest and time for recuperation and adequate healing. Older horses or horses recovering from chronic diseases should be provided ample good quality forage, along with nutrient supplements, as the veterinarian dictates.