Abnormally Large Kidneys in Ferrets



Your ferret will be treated on an outpatient basis unless it is suffering from dehydration or renal failure. Treatment will begin with diagnosing and treating the underlying cause, maintaining fluid balance with intravenous fluids if necessary, and replenishing minerals and electrolytes. If your ferret is otherwise healthy, a normal diet and normal exercise will be advised.


Drugs prescribed by your veterinarian will vary according to the underlying cause of renomegaly. However, drugs that may have a toxic effect on the kidneys should be avoided.


Living and Management


Your veterinarian will want to see your ferret during regular follow-up examinations, where he or she will assess the animal's physical recovery and hydration status.


If your ferret's symptoms return, you will need to contact the veterinarian immediately. Possible complications of renomegaly include kidney failure and hormone imbalances that mimic hormone-producing cancers.