Fungal Pneumonia in Ferrets



Depending on the type of fungi, your veterinarian may prescribe anti-fungal medication. If your ferret is dehydrated, refuses to eat and is suffering from dehydration and severely low levels of oxygen in the blood, your veterinarian may employ fluid therapy and recommend dietary changes. Please be aware that the course of treatment is expensive and will probably be necessary for at least two months.


Living and Management


Unfortunately, the prognosis for many ferrets with mycotic pneumonia is guarded to poor. Your veterinarian will want to monitor your pet monthly while it is on medications and to check for recurrence. You are not likely to catch the disease from your pet. If you do come down with pneumonia, though, it's probably because of the same source as your pet's infection. You will want to look at the areas where your ferret lives and plays and clean thoroughly.