Flea Infestation in Ferrets




Eradicating fleas can be difficult. Currently, the best course of action is bathing the ferret with a flea shampoo. These baths should be done once a week for up to several months, or until there is no sign of adult fleas on your ferret. Topical powders, sprays and creams have also been developed to control flea infestation in ferrets; consult your veterinarian as to what best suits your ferret's situation. If your ferret is suffering from skin irritation or inflammation, a veterinarian may prescribe corticosteroid or anti-inflammatory medication.


Living and Management


Typically, flea-control products are necessary to help control and eliminate the flea population from your home. In addition, you should clean and disinfect your ferret's habitat or area, including its cage, bedding or anything it might have come in contact with.


It is easier to get rid of fleas in northern or colder climates, as the frost keeps the parasites away. Ferret owners in temperate climates, meanwhile, must use flea-control products year-round.