Tumor of the Spine (or Tail) and Cancer of the Cartilage in Ferrets

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Ferrets suffering from chordomas should be treated on an inpatient basis. This includes surgery, should the tumor be located on the neck or upper back region, or tail amputation, should the tumor be located on the tail.

If the condition has caused paralysis in the ferret, recovery may be dependent on the length of time the ferret had the tumor and the extent of spinal compression -- smaller chordomas compress the spine less than larger chordomas.


Living and Management

Bringing your ferret into the veterinarian at the first sign of a nodule is key to managing the condition(s) and the ferret's ability to recover quickly. Once your veterinarian has diagnosed the type of tumor, he/she may then remove the tumor, either through surgical means (chordoma) or by amputating the ferret's tail (chondrosarcoma).

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