Inflammation of the Middle and Outer Ear Canal in Ferrets

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Treatment for middle and external ear inflammation is generally done on an outpatient basis. A number of medications may be helpful, such as antibiotics to treat bacterial infection, corticosteroids to reduce swelling and pain, or topical ointments applied directly to the outer ear. If secondary bacterial or yeast infection is diagnosed, the external ear should be cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis during initial treatment. If a tumor has been detected, surgical removal may be necessary.


Living and Management


The ferret’s status should be monitored regularly after initial treatment. Infections within the ear canal can change with prolonged or recurrent therapy. It is also important to check for the development of secondary infections. Uncontrolled otitis externa can worsen and lead to otitis media or even deafness.




Avoid overzealous cleaning of the ear canal, which can lead to the development of otitis externa and/or media. In addition, be sure to treat and control underlying diseases (i.e. mites) that may lead to these two conditions.