Tumors of the Digestive System in Ferrets



The treatment of choice for digestive system tumors in ferrets is surgical resection, in which all or part of the tumor(s) is removed. If full removal of the tumor is impossible, the condition may not be cured. Neoplasia may also be impossible to cure via surgery if the cancer has spread, or metastasized. Chemotherapy may be another option; however, there is little information about this treatment method for ferrets.


Living and Management


Follow-up care and prognosis depend upon the diagnosis and the treatment performed. The ferret should be monitored for symptoms, and veterinary checkups will most likely be required to assess the success of treatment and progress of tumor growth. Those ferrets with benign tumors (meaning they are non-cancerous) that are fully removed have the best odds of recovery and survival.




There is no known method of preventing tumor development in the digestive system due to the fact that there are no known causes or risk factors for this form of neoplasia in ferrets.