Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Ferrets



In most ferrets, IBD cannot be “cured” but can be successfully controlled. However, even after complete recovery, relapses are common. Major goals of treatment are the stabilization of body weight, the amelioration of gastrointestinal symptoms, and the reduction of the immune system's response.


In cases of dehydration, fluid replacement therapy is started to overcome the fluid deficit. Ferrets with continuous vomiting are usually not given anything orally and may require fluid therapy until vomiting resolves. Dietary management is another essential component of therapy, with hypoallergenic (even cat food) diets being the most recommended. Usually two weeks or so are given to see your ferret's response to such a diet.


Living and Management


Again, it is important to note that IBD cannot be “cured,” but can be managed in most ferrets. Be patient with the forms of treatment suggested by your veterinarian and strictly adhere to diet recommendations made him or her. In stabilized patients, a yearly examination is often required.